If your goal is to develop quality PHP web applications on open source plaform as well as on window plaform. Oswaltech carried years of experience of php programming. We are known for our custom php programming, php mysql database application VB- ASP.Net development and dot net software design services. We employ highly skilled professionals with many years of Offshore PHP Programming and mysql programming experience. The result is prompt and reliable performance. We will produce the requested application and/or software quickly and cost efficiently. Together we can keep you ahead in your business all well within your budget.

PHP is powerful langauages provides supoort to object-oriented, web-based application development platforms as well we can develop Desktop based application using PHP-GTK. Now day's pear PHP programming is too much popular in PHP programming . And we frequently use pear PHP programming technique. Its most important benefit is that it is an open source platform and development tools are available for free. It works excellently in combination with the open source Database MySQL as well as Oracle, Postgresql, DB2, Sybase, Informix, MSAccess and MSSQL on windows plaform. Our advanced PHP programming also incorporate dynamic graphs, as well as learn how to use PHP with Ajax application building, PEAR, email, XML, XSLT, JavaScript and COM technology. Our advanced PHP programming technique follows MVC architecture.

Oswal Technology focuses on open source technologies (although it is possible to run PHP applications on Windows) to provide value for money to its clients. Although the development time remains roughly the same, the deployment costs, and the IT hardware and software infrastructure that is required to run a PHP application are available for much lower costs. PHP applications can be deployed very cheaply on web-hosting providers who offer Linux-based hosting services.

Our custom PHP programming includes such features:

  • Development of functional specifications
  • Project management
  • SQL database architecture
  • Quality assurance services
  • Launch support & Long term support