The key to success in today's market is not just providing premier quality services but also to market the qualities in the best possible manner. It is here that multimedia presentations add the cutting edge to your image, making your company appear suave and techno savvy in addition to a quality service provider. Corporate multimedia presentations ensure that your premier quality also gets premier attention. The colorful animations, pictures with audio and visual effects fascinate the audience and trigger attention to a greater degree.
Oswaltech offers the best multimedia design solutions to its client. Our multimedia solution includes flash multimedia, multimedia development, and advanced multimedia solution services.

Effective promotional presentations bring life to your products and services, and enable you to give prospects an in-depth look at your company at their convenience.

Our list of Corporate Multimedia services includes:

  1. Corporate CD Presentations.
  2. Flash Animation.
  3. Sound editing
  4. Video editing
  5. Interactive presentations
  6. 3-D Design, animation & modeling.
  7. Illustrative
  8. Flash Logos
  9. Opening animations
  10. Banner ads
  11. Online tutorials
  12. Product tutorial and lessons

Presentation on Visiting Card Size CD ROM (CD presentation)

Oswal Technology develops interactive multimedia presentations using Flash animation. Multimedia and Flash presentations can be distributed on CD ROM or sent via email. Instead of a business card, hand out a Visiting card size CD ROM with an interactive presentation and your contact details.

Presentations - screen based

If you are running short of time then we can turn your speaker notes or product imagery into a memorable presentation. We can create corporate presentations in the following formats.

Dynamic Flash (Audio/visual)

Dynamic Director (Audio/Visual)

Interactive Sales & Marketing Presentations

You know your product or service delivers tangible value to your customers, but convincing them is not an easy task. Let your customers convince themselves. Interactive Sales Presentations are engaging online questionnaires that ask your customers questions and deliver real-time customized responses focused on showing your product's value based on your customer's answer.