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LogicSpice is leading firm in web designing and software development services providing a full range of ecommerce solutions to fit any business model's needs. Providing Internet consulting, website development, search engine marketing,
web site address registration, web site hosting, high quality graphic arts, text writing and research, business to business and business to consumer e-commerce, database development, ASP, and advanced media utilizing high-technology. We also specialize in Internet camera sales and installation and virtual tour development.

Since 1998, we have serviced a wide range of business models in the fields of government, education, medicine, law, real estate, aerospace, telecommunications, distribution, retail, civic associations, special events, and many more.

We've gotten to where we're at by providing exceptional service and results from the work that we do. We invite you to view our examples and to contact any of our clients for reference.


PHPSHOPPY is an internet application and online software development company. Our major software products are shopping cart software, job site script, classified
advertisement script, Real Estate web site design Software, Hotel reservation software, Affiliated software, CRM and CMS. And our Services include- Custom Software Development, Internet Search Engine Marketing, Web site design and ecommerce solutions.

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Since 2005, thousands of businessmen around the globe have found PHPSHOPPY's ecommerce shopping cart software among the best ecommerce shopping cart solutions available to build and operate their internet store fronts. Our ecommerce shopping
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is the right solution for all of your problems. Our ecommerce shopping cart software provides you all types of solutions to the integrated on line marketing and promotional tool.


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