We offer non-tangible irrevocable products, this is why our Refund Policy is conditional, and refunds are allowed only if purchased product is not as described, namely:
-- if the product you have purchased does not have features and functionality as described at www.oswaltech.com website, and
-- after we have determined that these features could not be implemented with the software (to avoid any such situation or misunderstanding, please refer to "Frequently Asked Questions" and Guides at www.oswaltech.com website and/or contact us to make sure that we can indeed provide the services that you desire).
Customer's inability to use purchased product(s) due to lack of required skills does not require us to provide a refund, including, but not limited to, the following circumstances:
-- inability to use administrative tools due to lack of web browser usage skills;
-- inability to change Application's look & feel (redesign templates) due to lack of HTML knowledge and/or HTML editor usage skills;
-- inability to PHP source files customization due to lack of PHP/MySQL/Smarty programming experience.
We provide refunds for customers of oswaltech who pay by credit card or PayPal within 30 days after purchase.
Refunds after 30-days period is expired is not available. Refund is not available for check and wire bank transfer payments.
No repeated refunds are available.
Note: 8% processing fee (included in the amount received) will not be refundable.
Refunds for custom services (e.g. installation services, custom programming services) are not available.
Refund is processed within 7 (seven) business days after you post a request for refund.
All bank transfer commissions are paid by customer. We are not responsible for reimbursement of any bank charges to customer.