It's a very well known fact that at present 85% of traffic comes from the search engine. We accept search engin optimization as a chalange. Because we know first place listings = higher hits = higher company profits. Our search engin optimization service included everything from seo consulting, keyword research, copy writing, redeveloping the Website, creating incoming links, submitting to search engines and finally, reporting on its results. Our serarch engin optimization services includes SEO web site design, internet marketing seo, IT consulting , web consulting, computer consulting services and ecommerce consulting services.

Our search engine optimization has two main components:

  • Strategic Keyword Placement

    Search Engine Positioning begins with choosing the right keywords and promoting them properly throughout the web site. A web site won't get a good search engine ranking unless it has site-related keywords placed in areas such as the meta tags, image alternate text, web page title, domain name, visible page content, among many others. There are many other guidelines that must be followed. Basically what it comes down to is providing your web site visitor and/or potential customer with the most relevant content, and scanning a web page for keywords can help the search engines determine your content.
  • Link Popularity

    The second major method of search engine optimization is link popularity development. Link popularity refers to the amount of quality web sites that have links pointing back to yours. The more quality links there are, the better search engine ranking your site will achieve. This is an extremely important aspect of any search engine optimization campaign and can have dramatic results immediately after completion - one of our clients achieved a near 600% return on investment.

So what sets Oswal Technology apart from other search engine optimization companies?

We employ specialists who are published authors in the field of search engine optimization, Internet marketing and promotion. We have had a healthy and growing company since 2001. We have happy clients on 6 continents. We are a family-based company and adhere to the most honest and ethical search engine optimization practices. We are not a hosting company, we are not a web design company, we focus entirely on search engine optimization, promotion and marketing. Our firm offers incredibly affordable prices

I want Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings and Placement.

Guaranteeing rankings is unethical. If anyone guarantees their SEO work, they are, quite simply, lying to you. The nature of search engine optimization, placement and marketing makes a guarantee impossible. Why? We work with a third party, the search engines. Ultimately the final decision is theirs. At Oswal Technology, we do, however, guarantee that a search engine optimization specialist will be assigned to your site, all of our methods are within search engine submission guidelines, have worked for our clients and left many, many web site owners happily ecstatic. As seo web site promotion company we provide what you need to make your web site a success!

We aim to educate, not just be the "behind the scenes people who do stuff to my web site." If you want to know why your site was just dropped from it's Google placement or still has no positioning on MSN, we can help. If you have a database driven site with thousands of products and are lost at how to go about optimizing it for search engines, give us a call and we'll explain. Search engine optimization is our forte and long-term client relationships is our goal. If you're serious about promoting your business on the search engines then you need to contact us today