Oswal Technology leverages new media to capture markets for traditional business or to change the image and perception of a business or organization. We are internationally recognized for our innovative approach to integrating community relations, strategic alliances, media relations and special events into powerful Internet marketing campaigns. We’ve launched or leveraged Web sites and Internet strategies for private, government and nonprofit organizations. Oswal Technologies is a experienced search engin optimization and internet marketing company. Our internet marketing includes these features search engine optimization, internet marketing online, internet marketing SEO, Internet Marketing for E-commerce, Internet Marketing Consulting and internet marketing tool.

Without internet marketing your website - and, ulitmately, your business - could be lost in cyberspace. The search engine Google alone has recorded over 3 billion web pages. Without good search engin optimization, the chances of a potential customer ending up at your site are tiny. Our internet marketing solutions are best available option in this field.

There are lots of different ways to market yourself online. Some of the most popular are:

  • Search engines and directories are a typical part of everyday online activity, yet many businesses do not fully understand what search engines are, what exactly they do and the benefits they can bring a business.
  • E-mail represents the single largest shift in the way humans communicate since the invention of the telephone. And permission e-mail marketing - otherwise known as opt-in e-mail - is considered to be the "killer application" in the online marketing arena.
  • Link partnership building can greatly benefit a business, significantly boosting its online presence. Effective link building and partnership activity will deliver:
    • more targeted traffic to your website;
    • higher rankings in the search engines; and
    • increased business.
  • Newsgroups and forums are an excellent way for businesses to communicate with their peers and customers in an informal environment. Providing expert opinion and useful help to your fellow newsgroups members can subtly promote your business.
  • Viral marketing is about creating a buzz about products or services. Viral marketing relies on word of mouth or, in the online sense, getting people to share the online application with others.  For businesses, viral marketing can emphasis the value of their goods or services, promote special offers and generate interest in the business or their products and services through word of mouth.
  • Banner advertising is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, dating back to 1994. Banner ads can benefit businesses by:
    • raising brand awareness;
    • reinforcing brand recognition; and
    • encouraging new or return traffic to a website.

What sets Oswal Technologies apart from our competitors-

  • » Providing our clients with proven campaigns.
  • »We use best internet marketing tool.
  • » Search Engine Marketing is our major focus.
  • » Lowest start up costs in the industry.
  • » No set up fees, maintenance fees or hidden costs.
  • » Campaigns available for most budgets.
  • » Each campaign is uniquely designed to meet your needs.

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